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    What’s with all the potty talk?

    The Tale of the Shrinking Toilets

    Find out what really happened on Two-Two Day with this book meant to raise awareness of a hidden epidemic.

Section – Adam


Adam Bryant

Adam Bryant is an accomplished artist and illustrator. He was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at age 11. Adam never saw his iagnosis as a detriment, but rather a blessing. He graduated high school with honors and went on to earn his bachelor’s degree from Savannah College of Art and Design, majoring in animation. Adam shares, “What keeps me going as an artist is wanting to make a positive impact on the world with my art and helping reach others! That’s what I feel like I am here to do, and why I was given these talents!”


Adam Bryant


Adam Bryant, Illustrator

Section – Ryan


Ryan Wolfe

Ryan Wolfe is the President and CEO of Ability Ministry, a non-profit organization that provides homes for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Ability Ministry also works with religious organizations, helping them to establish and advance Disability Ministry programming and outreach. In addition to being an author and featured speaker, Ryan is a passionate advocate for individuals with disabilities. His personal mission is to fight not only for inclusion, but also for meaningful opportunities of belonging.


Ryan Wolfe


Ryan Wolfe Author

About The Book

Tale of the Shrinking Toilets

Wanna know more?

About the book

On February 2nd, “Two-Two Day” as it would become known by, something unthinkable happened. All the toilets in public restrooms mysteriously shrank to miniature size! The chaos that ensued was unsettling. Find out what happens next in “The Tale of the Shrinking Toilets!”

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